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Surrender Series

     This series came about after a visit to Dubois, Wyoming, where the Wind River area is home to the Shoshone Nation. The characters in the series have traveled through time and span several lives, connecting through soul reincarnation. Each book will take you further into the lives of Kate and Taima as her life is revealed, layer by layer, in the other books, as well as being able to see how intertwined our souls truly are. Friends from a past life connect with our souls in our future lives, to keep us together as we live in the universe. We may never understand exactly how this occurs, but spirits are at work among us to make it happen. May you find your own soul mate in time. Click on the book titles below to read more about each book.

Books in the Series

Never Surrender Book 1, Surrender Series
Final Surrender Book 2, Surreneder Series
Monica & Cody characters in Complete Surrender Book 3

Dreams of a Native American warrior haunt Kate, who is determined to discover their meaning as she vacations in the mountains of Wyoming. When her soul connects with a total stranger, she must trust her instincts to realize their relationship was part of history. Kate is thrust back in time and forced to relive the past as she dodges death. Mai, a raven shape-shifter, is set upon stealing away the man of Kate’s dreams, but love works its magic when Taima passes a ring to his son. The haunting mystery will be solved when its rightful owner claims the cryptic heirloom … at a time that lies deep within the future.

An unforgettable time-travel romance that brings love and soul mates together across the history of Native America.

$15.00 Paperback+s/h

Surrender Book Bundle
$30 + s/h

Brandon wears an heirloom passed down to him from his father and grandfather. From the time he began wearing the emerald-studded ring, visions of a woman appeared in his dreams. For years, he’s been on the search for her so he can get on with his life…and hers. Is it possible to reconnect with a soul mate from a previous life? Once he finds his dream woman, he’ll soon find the answers he’s been seeking!

Kate and Brandon have just met, yet their souls have reconnected from a past life each of them must now learn more about. Kate’s previous dreams are becoming reality as she talks with Brandon about her dream-travel back in time. She can’t believe the resemblance that Brandon has to the man in her dream-travel, nor the romantic feelings she has toward a man she’s never met.

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$15.00 Paperback+s/h

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     Book 3 is a work in progress and centers more on Monica and Cody as they discover their souls were matched in a past life. Bear is a character who realizes that being so evil is not the path he should be on when he meets a woman who changes his mindset. She loves life and changes the path he was on.

     If you enjoy reading stories of reincarnation and believe that we have all lived before, this book series is one you need to read.

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