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Final Surrender Excerpt

     Kate looked into the mirror to see Brandon leaning against the door frame looking sexy as always with his shirt unbuttoned. Her heart skipped a beat and she smiled at him.

     He raised a brow. “I thought I told you no clothes once we got back to the room.”

     Instantly her cheeks heated. “I guess I don’t mind well, do I?”

     “I have ways to fix that. Trust me. A whack or two across your ass and you’ll remember when I tell you something. I might prefer you naked whenever we’re alone.” He thought for a moment. “Yes, I think that would suit me just fine.”

     She gasped as he reached for her, giggling when he lifted her over his shoulder, held her legs tight and slapped her ass twice. She loved his punishments and couldn’t wait to see what he had in store. He had mention a massage earlier.

     “Cody is keeping Monica out of the way for a while, so we don’t have to worry about her walking in on us any time soon.”

     Brandon strode into their bedroom, set her on her feet beside the bed and pulled her silky top over her head. “Since you can’t mind, I will do this for you. Keep your eyes on mine.” His warm fingers undid the button of her slacks and unzipped them, letting them pool at her feet. Fingers teased inside the waistband of her thong, around to the back, where her cupped her cheeks and gave a gentle squeeze.

     A quick intake of breath passed her lips and a low chuckled sounded in his chest.

     She held his hunger-filled gaze and knew he kept a tight rein on his emotions right now.

     He unhooked her bra, removed it and tossed it into a chair. Slow caresses over her breasts begged for his touch as her nipples puckered. “That’s much better, yes?”

     “It is, thank you.” Kate clenched her fingers.

     Soon her thong landed at her feet. “I have had so many dreams of being with you and I never tire of this. You are a goddess and belong to me.”

     Kate ran her hands up Brandon’s chest and over his shoulders, pushing his shirt down his arms. “I can now say the same thing of you.” She touched her lips to the hollow at his throat and felt his heartbeat.

     Her tongue tasted his skin.

     The tie in her hair came lose, tumbling it over her back.

     Fingers gently fisted in her hair and tipped her face up. An arm circled her waist as he kissed her hard. He took one of her wrists and held it behind her. Her breath left her body as he continued to assault her senses and quickly lifted his head.

     Kate’s heart beat out of control as she watched his eyes, eager for what lay ahead.

     “You will lie on your stomach with a pillow under you, your arms stretched out to the sides and stay still.” He circled a finger at her when she didn’t immediately move.

     A lady of the evening couldn’t feel sexier than she did at this moment knowing Brandon watched every move her body made. Once she got comfortable, and moved her hair out of the way, she lay still, not trying to see what he did. A drawer opened, a package rustled, a towel landed next to her and yet...he waited.

     Kate tightened her inner muscles, anticipating their joining that would happen later rather than sooner. Fingers wrapped around each ankle, placing them close to each other and Brandon climbed onto the bed. He straddled her hips and sat on her legs.

     She waited, listened, anticipated.

     Hands rubbed together and soon lotion warmed her cheeks and up her lower back. Fingers and thumbs massaged the tired muscles there, working in the lavender-scented lotion. Pressure moved up each side of her spine and fingers touched the sides of her breasts, teasing her mind.

     “Concentrate on what’s to come. See me loving you over every inch of your skin, white woman. Tonight, you will remember everything I do to you and I will remember the taste of you.”

     Brandon’s hands massaged her shoulders and her neck, but she wasn’t prepared for the length of his body over hers as his hands cupped her breasts. He toyed with her nipples and soon his knees pushed her legs apart. His hardness pressed against her and she whimpered, hoping to feel him inside, but he lay still. Kisses touched her neck and her fingers dug into the sheets.

     The scent of her perfume filled his head as Brandon sucked in air, attempting to hold back. He wasn’t yet ready to feel her wetness surround him. He loved the feel of her soft naked flesh against his own.

     Slow down.


     Make her beg.

     He tipped his hips against hers, again, rocking them both with a motion he so badly needed. Her hair tangled in his fingers and he buried his face against her neck.

     She whimpered again and nearly released his seed.

     Brandon held his breath and g.

     He loved playing games with her, making her wait for what she desperately wanted.

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