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Second Chance at Love Series

     This series will follow several couples in the series so readers will stay connected to the characters and the happenings in their lives. We all think we only have one love-of-our-life and think we should we lose them, that we'll be alone forever. This series goes against that thought and shows how love can happen a second time and be real for our hearts. I hope you find that as you read the books. Thank you for checking out this series.

Books in the Series

A Flame of Hope, Prequel to Second Chance at Love Series
Jamie's Gift, Book 1, Second Chance at Love Series

     Rod works as a firefighter in New York with his wife. Although he is from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, he knows he can earn higher wages living there. He knows that what they share isn't found by many couples. Their fairy-tale life was enriched even more with the birth of their son and he's has loved every moment.

     When tragedy strikes during a fire, he's trained for that, but when it happens in his personal life, Rod doesn't find that chapter in any training manual. Is he stronger enough to hold his family together?

     Facing life as a single dad, Rod wasn’t looking for a woman to share the task of raising his son. But when he reconnects with a high school classmate during the Christmas holiday, things take a different turn. Out of the blue, Rod’s young son says, “Mom likes Jenna and hopes you will be happy with her.”

     Is this a message from the grave? Is his son gifted with the ability of talking to those on the other side? Perhaps a gift from Rod’s wife, who had died more than two years ago, will bring Jenna and Rod back together to renew a romance that never had a chance.

Coming Soon
Book 2

This story will be about two characters from book one. Stop back often to see of any updates regarding a release date.

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