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My Books

Stay as long as you want, explore all of my pages, books, excerpts. I'm revamping my pages so please be patient. Soon, I will have buy links posted for you to purchase all books direct from my website for your e-readers or for paperbacks.

**Please note that email addresses are collected when e-books are purchaseds. These are seen only by me and not used for anything accept for me to keep tabs on orders due to piracy issues where they buy an e-book and then sell it on their sites without permission from me and I receive no proceeds from those sales. That is called illegal use of copyrighted material and holds major fines. That is the only reason I gather email addresses. Thank you for your understanding and purchase.


     Soul reconnection seem to be a thread through out most of my books. The souls travel through time together, heal each others heartbreak and reunite in another life. This series begins with an historical in London, 1778 and moves into the present as the series continues. I hope enjoy London, Wilmington NC and Savannah GA.


     Kinsley Bishop is the head of her coven in this southern Oregon coastal series. Their magick gets them through dealing with demonic souls and a murderer who threatens the existence of their witch and shifter communities. Life is fairly calm until an organ harvester begins removing tourists in three little towns. Can her coven help find the killer before he reveals their identities to the feds?


     Souls reconnect through time again as Kate is pulled back to 1835 during a Native American raid on the white man near Yellowstone in Wyoming. Kate meets the man who has haunted her dreams for too many years. Their struggles against shape-shifters not only threatens their love in this era, but follows them into the future and demands their attention.


     I enjoy helping to motivate others to be the best they can be. Our positive attitude can steer us forward to better things if we just understand how it all works. It starts with positive self-talk and learning how to shut down our own negative self-talk and thoughts. I hope I can help at least a few people get their mind on the right track for a better future.


     Second chances with the loves in our lives can happen, especially if we aren't looking for it. One might think there is only one true love in our life, but that may not always be the case. Fate has our life set for us whether we like it or not, and our hearts may search when we aren't paying attention. There will be more stories for the characters in this series which takes place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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