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Final Surrender

Book Two

(The Surrender Series)

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Love her eyes!

     I'm excited to finally be finished with the sequel and I hope the sexual tension continues into this book that started in Never Surrender. How do two people begin a relationship when they find out they've had a relationship in a past life? Are you instantly friends? Should there be a specific time period to build a relationship a second time or is that not necessary? Who's to say? I think it should be left up to the couple and how they relate to one another.

     For me, I like to know what the characters look like and where they live. Well I found a great picture of who I think Kate may look like and a wonderful photo of a log home below, as that's where Brandon lives.


     Kate returns to the present time to realize her time travel seemed all too real, yet all too impossible. She's met a man who resembles a lover from her past, yet if time travel isn't possible, could he have been in another life? Can souls travel through time? Unsure of how it all comes to be, there are too many similarities and unanswered questions.

     Enemies from Kate's past make their way to the present to wreck havoc on her new-found happiness. Skin walkers are among us even today, watching for a chance to slip into our minds and take what they need from our souls. Follow Brandon and Kate as they try to escape the deadly enemies determined to keep them apart. Will these two be separated forever and forced to wait another lifetime to reunite?

Imagine yourself here with them!

Snake River Brewing Company

Jackson, Wyoming

Kate and Brandon visit here in the book!

     Kate's best friend, Monica, takes on a larger role toward the end of book two. She meets a man with ties to her own past life, yet discovers that their personalities may not be compatible in this life. Click over and take a peek at the characters in book three.

     If you like what you see so far, feel free to comment on the Surrender Series FaceBook page. I'd love to read what you think and so would other readers. Thank you for scrolling through my site. Do come back often.

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