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Pebble Cove Series is getting real!

I'm having so much fun writing this new genre with the magick abilities of witches and bear, wolf, and cougar shifters. The story takes place on the southern Oregon Coast close to the California border. Kinsley Bishop is the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, so she knows all the business owners. Her character is getting fun because she also has a familiar that is a talking ferret. His name is Gibbs. In the witch communities, most witches have a familiar. Kinsley also rides a Harley to help her relax and get away. Her community is filled with humans, but also many witches and shifters, who live among the humans. Demons contact Kinsley from her past and want their part of old bargains to become payable!

Among the communities, there are dead bodies showing up which are missing several internal organs and Kinsley is worried for her witch and shifter friends. Should one of them end up being a victim, their DNA is not the same as humans and they may be discovered by the feds. Who among them would even want these people dead...much less be considered an organ harvester who makes money selling body parts?

This series will be under my new pen name: Brandi Wilde. You can connect with her online at Facebook and Instagram by looking for Brandi Wilde, Author. I can't wait for the books to come together and to begin work on the cover art. I don't have titles yet so please check my website later in the year to keep up with how things are pulling together. I'm hoping by August or September that I can have two of the books released.

Thank you for clicking here to take a peek. Please enjoy my other books that you can buy right here direct from my website! Just click on the series above to take a look. Download one of my free books to see how the downloads will work.

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