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~ Editing Helps ~

~ Emotional Structure for your Characters ~

~ Marketing vs Promotion ~

by JA Konrath

Authors: Get Your Book Marks

& Promo Items to other readers!

I pass out goodie bags to readers at signings, to those

who win contests, and would love to include YOURS!

Send them to me at:

Deanna Jewel

PO Box 1125

Lewiston, ID 83501

~ Plotting Your Story ~

by Jami Gold

~ Self Publishing ~

Prevent E-Book Theft

by Yuwanda of Inkwell Editorial

*This site includes other great links!

~ Sites for Authors ~

~ Taxes ~

Below are a few items that might come in useful.

Lots of info can be found on the IRS site, yes, they're friendly!

(click above to download your own sheet! You're welcome!)

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