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Savannah GA Hot Spots:

Whispers at Ghost Point (paranormal romance)

This novel takes place in Wilmington, NC. We visited there a few years back and I fell in love with this city! The stroll down the boardwalk along the river is breathtaking! I hope that comes through in the novel and that I portray the excitement we saw there.

I wanted special places for my hero and heroine to hang out and you can visit them, too - click the links on the right. Please take a peek at Aubriana's on Front Street in Wilmington NC and see if you don't agree!

Whispers is the sequel to No Turning Back, my historical romance and is now available in all formats! Click the buy link of your choice on the right.

Mitch & Dana

Dana Kaster is the heroine. She loves renovating old homes and has her heart set on an abandoned lighthouse. Unsure of what the attraction is that pulls her to the old place, she ventures out there alone where she meets a stranger. She's never met him before but the sense of familiarity is uncanny.

Sarah is Dana's best friend and tries to keep her out of trouble but that isn't always possible. Dana doesn't listen well and has a mind of her own, but when spirits talk to Sarah, Dana has no choice if she wants help with the paranormal world that threatens her happiness.

Paperback version is

available at my webstore!

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