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Deanna Jewel Romance Author


     Deanna Jewel pens multi-genre romance fiction, including time travel romance, paranormal romance, historical romance, as well as motivational, self-help books. A common thread throughout all of her books is reincarnation and soulmates meeting again through time and life journeys. She self-publishes via Swallowtail Productions LLC and is also published by Doce Blant Publishing. Roam through her pages here and find books that speak to you. Enjoy visiting with her characters!

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About Deanna

Deanna has been writing since 1995 and first published in 2009. Her love of historical romance novels began by reading Virginia Henley and Johanna Lindsey novels. She lives in the Pacific Northwest but grew up in mid-Michigan. She's married to a retired firefighter who held a position of captain for his crew, but also owned his own tax business and is still active in that field. He's attended writing conferences with Deanna and held tax workshops for writers. She writes as a multi-genre romance author and loves the different aspects of each genre. Join her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Visit her book series pages here, where they can also be purchased direct from her website.

Feel free to contact me via my Contact page above should you have any questions. I love hearing from my readers.

Book Piracy is a big deal!

    Those who steal intellectual property of authors and post it for sale on the dark web are infringing on the rights of authors whose work is copyrighted. I give no one permission to sell my work online accept for those I authorize: Amazon, B & N, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords. Those who are selling my work without my permission are in violation of the copyright laws of the United States of America and subject to steep fines. Click HERE for more info.

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